13 June 2006

Fruit Crepes and Maple Butter Cream

I made crepes! I have never had crepes in my whole life (don't ask why because I don't know, eggs... maybe?), therefore, have never made crepes. I was drooling over Dreena's crepe recipe for her upcoming 3rd cookbook, and I was fortunate enough to be one of the testers. As you all know, I tested the maple butter cream first. It was amazing. Then I made it again, and it was amazing as well. Now, I have made it a third time (I know, I know), but this time it was to go with the crepes... for real. And it was amazing again!

I cannot give the recipe, but you'll just have to wait for the cookbook to come out. These were fantastic. I should have started working on these earlier, because I was pressed for time. You can tell by the crappy photos this time around, plus my hand was shakey from standing in the kitchen, hungry and warm, for an hour. The crepes tasted waaaay better than I ever imagined and it kind of reminded me of a super-thin pancake. I will say that these were spelt crepes and I decided to make my own filling by simply pureeing frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, a fresh kiwi and a splash of agave nectar. I don't think I really needed the agave, but I wasn't sure because of the tartness of the raspberry and kiwi. But then I remembered that I whipped up some maple butter cream and it was cooling and firming up in the fridge for a while, and that would sweeten it plenty. I served these crepes with fresh slices of banana, blueberry/raspberry/kiwi filling, and maple butter cream on top. All I have left to say is wow.
I also want to thank everyone who gave me helpful hints and advice regarding the polenta and fajitas from the previous post. I have taken all of them into consideration, and I really appreciate all the help and kindness.


vegegriff said...

Wow, those look amazing. I need to make some. Do you need a special pan?
Also, did you heat up the fruit filling after your pureed it?

Anonymous said...

MMMMMMM..... I'm wiping the drool off of my keyboard. I have never made crepes either- actually I have always been a firm hater of crepes (due to a bad childhood experience with them) until recently when I gave them another shot. Let me say that those look amazing, especially with your berry fantastic filling. I can't wait till Dreena's cookbook comes out!


Brooke said...

Would you please stop taunting me with the maple butter cream?!? And now, crepes. Sheesh!

-Brooke :-)

EatPeacePlease said...

Vegegriff, yes these are amazing and nope, you don't need a special pan. Just a regular one. I made the mistake (well, I knew in advance) of using a pan that comes straight up at a 90 degree angle and that was hard to flip them. I recommend using one that has less of a sharp angle.

As for the fruit, I just took frozen blueberries and raspberries and tossed them in the blender. Then I tossed in a fresh kiwi and a splash of agave nectar. I like foods pureed not chunky, so that's why I did that. I added sliced fresh bananas on top only because they added awesomeness and they're soft. The puree was like a sorbet but it was hanging out on the counter for about 30 minutes before they were all ready to eat.

Teresa, these were amazing and I can't wait for Dreena's book too!

Brooke, taunting!? You don't live too far, right? Maybe we can get together and eat (a lot!). I just promised Dreena to keep my mouth shut until the cookbook comes out regarding recipes and testing! I'm willing to share final products though (and of course, my own stuff).

veganashtangi said...

OMG, do those crepes look scrumptious. When's that book due to launch?

Melody said...

That cream look sooo good... I've seen it three times now, on your blog and Dreena's..

Tanya Kristine said...

holy mother of all GODS!

you can't post if we can't have the recipe !! thems the blogger rules!

her book isn't even out...so unfair. :)

i love crepes...i can't wait to make those.

what is agave nectar that everyone keeps talking about?

EatPeacePlease said...

Veganashtangi, I am not sure when Dreena's book comes out, but I have a link for her blog on the side and she mentions it a lot and I think it's either fall of this year, but it may really be 07.

Melody, they were sooo good!

Tanya, agave nectar is from the agave plant which is native to Mexico. It is slowly digested in the body and has a high fructose (fruit sugar) content and doesn't give the "ups and downs" like cane sugar. It is suitable for diabetics and way sweeter than sugar so you use less. It's also nice because it's a great honey alternative and is equally substituted in recipes with honey or maple syrup. It's not too costly here in AZ, but may be in other parts of the country. You can get it online too. It comes in amber color, lighter color and raw and I find them all the same but I could be wrong. Try some, it's great. I keep it out on the counter at all times.

R U S S said...


Vicki said...

these crepes look amazing! i've never made crepes ~ was it difficult? we have a crepe restaurant in town & they have some good veggie choices & even vegan soups to go with.....but they don't have maple butter cream! not fair torturing us like this.

EatPeacePlease said...

Russ, yum indeed.

Vicki, the crepes were only difficult in my head for the past 2 weeks. I've been planning on making them and imagining eating them, but I was afraid it was going to be hard and a disaster, and it really wasn't. It just took an hour and I ended up only eating 2 out of 8 (guess who scarffed down the rest?) and I recommend not being really hungry when you are making these.

We have a coffee shop around here that has crepes but they are made with eggs and or butter and I've only tried them with my eyes. Are you testing these for Dreena?

Also, did you get my email about the jewelry?

raising_kahne said...

I must say..this is torture looking(and drooling) at the sight of these delicious things, and not being able to devour them up! The cream looks awesome! Who would think it was vegan? : )

funwithyourfood said...

the pics are great! I mean they make me want to go make a crepe.

Looks great and you've succeeded - i want to buy the book!!
NOW hehe


holiday at sea said...

holy sweet mercy.

jenny said...

Those crepes look amazing!! I haven't ever had crepes either, there's a restuarant in NYC, Atlas, that makes vegan crepes, but I've never tried them -- they don't look as good as these!!

Living Vegan

KleoPatra said...

i'm swooning... I have never had a crepe!! Now i think i can. THANKS Leslie!

Harmonia said...

YOU had me at Vegan Chocolate Pretzels! :)

Glad you joined the vegginout forum!

Anderson, Cherie said...

The fruit and the sauce look delicious!