03 May 2007

The Gypsies Have Returned

Yep, it's just that damn good that's why they're back. Every time I make this it has some different veggies in it. Yum. It's one of the most "interestingly simple" soups I've ever made/tasted... Gypsy Soup.

But the real honest reason I am posting about this and not wonderful baked goods like cookies, cakes and everything else that gets baked in an oven (I still don't broil), is because I am procrastinating... This early-mid part of May is just crazy busy for me and I am just not uploading all my new pics for the new posts. I will for sure be blogging about baked goods towards the end of May. For now, I hope you don't mind seeing this soup again, especially that many of the veggies in it aren't in season anymore, oops. We've hit the 100 degree mark already a few times here but maybe some of you won't mind seeing this instead of a smoothie.

Speaking of smoothies, I have to announce my new all time favorite concoction. Of course it features blueberries, but I also add 1/2 soymilk and 1/2 lite coconut milk as my liquid instead of just soy. It's the combo of the blueberries and coconuts that just can't stop me from making it! Also in my smoothies, as per usual is flax oil and shelled hemp seeds, all organic of course. I now keep canned organic (lite and regular) coconut milk in my pantry. I only like coconut with sweet things, not spicy stuff like curries. Anyway...

Featured here (of what I can remember) is sweet potato/yam, purple potato, green bell pepper, chickpeas and white beans, among the rest of the ingredients. I think I up the spices each time I make this, I keep loading more and more... Did I mention before how much I love the hint of cinnamon that shines through? I love how it almost "sweetens" it, but not really. Oh yum, this soup freezes well to me, but others have claimed not so well. It's up to you to determine.

The recipe is on my Eat Peace Please Recipes page (eatpeacepleaserecipes.blogspot.com). I'll be back 'round soon.