12 May 2006

Rhubarb Results & Late-Week Munchies

First let's start with the rhubarb that I got for $1.99/lb a few days ago. I was completely stumped at what to do with it, and since I don't use the oven pie was out of the question (and many other ideas, thanks everyone). Someone suggested the rhubarb flummery recipe in the new Vegetarian Times magazine, but I had let my boss borrow it all week before I even looked at it. I do have the recipe back in my hands and I am deeply regretting not making this awesome coconut/oat/rhubarb/strawberry-goodness from the VT mag. Next time I must make it.
For now, I made a simple sauce. I boiled some water, washed and cut up the rhubarb, added some strawberries, a bit of raw sugar and even more agave nectar to sweeten the tartness.
I was super-creeped-out by the stringiness of the rhubarb while cutting as it resembles celery and I don't care for plain-celery, only mixed with other foods. Then everything started melting together and the stringiness freaked me out even more. I decided to just go with it, and I am sure glad I did, because after I took the mixture off the flame, it cooled and firmed a bit into a nice sauce that I hope to soon eat with pancakes. I am also glad I added the agave nectar because rhubarb is super-tart. I would rate this rhubarb experiment a 4/10. I need some creativity and practice (oh, and the flummery).

How 'bout Late-Week Munchies:Let me pretense this by explaining that I am planning on renting a kitchen and selling my treats (hopefully! and Local people lookout!). I bought about a pound or 1/2 pound of many treat ingredients to do recipe testing, measuring, costing, etc. I also bought items for dinner.

red kale*
pack of 2 Silk Soymilks ($1 off coupon)
rice puff cereal*
pasta sauce*
unsweetened cocoa
brown rice syrup
tomato paste*
vanilla creme soda (Ray)
sunflower seeds*
pecan halves
cashew piece
sraw almonds*
red lentils
rolled oats*
almond butter
shredded coconut
seduction bread

I plan on cooking a whole lot more in the upcoming days and weeks. It's officially getting warm (many would say "hot") and I have been craving lots of fruits and of course, ice cream. I can eat ice cream no matter how cold I am though!


Julie said...

That sauce is a pretty color!

oh, and btw...I would say it is HOT!! :)

KleoPatra said...

Rhubarb has always flummoxed me (i think this is the first time i have ever typed the word flummoxed)... i love the colour! VIBRANT!!!

Carrie™ said...

I've heard mentioned numerous times all over the place that you won't use your oven and something about a coffee cake incident? I have to tell you that the curiosity is killing me. What happened?
Your rhubarb looks like what my mom makes. I hope you enjoy it. On pancakes sounds like a great idea. I just remembered today that I have had rhubarb wine, believe it or not, and it was very good. Are you that ambitious?

Vicki said...

the rhubarb is such a pretty color -- almost a cotton-candy pink! we used to grow our own rhubarb & can still remember the strawberry-rhubarb jam & pies. what about a rhubarb sorbet?!
yeaaah, leslie on your idea of renting a kitchen and selling your treats! let us know how that goes for you & best of luck with your endeavor.

Dreena said...

Well, Leslie, even though you feel your rhubarb experiment is a 4/10, the color sure is beautiful - a 10!

I think I would just soak up the climate living there... though, like you, I can eat ice-cream ANY time too! It's ridiculous, really!! :)

Dreena said...

Well, Leslie, even though you feel your rhubarb experiment is a 4/10, the color sure is beautiful - a 10!

I think I would just soak up the climate living there... though, like you, I can eat ice-cream ANY time too! It's ridiculous, really!! :)

EatPeacePlease said...

Julie, it's hot, but that's about it. I need some work.

Kleopatra, maybe I can send it to you. I don't really care for this much.

Carrie, if you click on Feb 06 of my archive and scroll (far) down to the 9th of Feb under the Quinoa and Lentil Stew post there's the Crumb Coffee Cake mishap part-story. I am just weird and don't feel like trying to put out *another* fire after cleaning it out a few times months ago. Plus, I've been creative with not using the oven (and I don't do toasters either,even though I have one) and I also miss making my almost weekly banana bread. I am also too lazy to call a repair person.

And about the rhubarb wine, yep, I'm adventurous enough but unfortunately I'm a light-weight when it comes to drinking (that's why I don't) and I'm afraid just a sip will get me wasted!

Vicki, sorbet sounds wonderful, I would just make sure it was sweet enough. Thanks for the kind words about me pursuing my "treats".

Dreena, I love the climate here (its 102 today, pleasant!). I love ice cream too and I think you may be able to see the bend in the spoon in my photo! For some reason, this color just doesn't do it for me. I would rather eat this if I added blueberries or something, not necessarily strawberries.

Thanks for all the comments!

ningostar said...

hey leslie, the rhubarb looks beautiful... if you end up trying the flummery at some point, you will have to let us know how it works out. best of luck with your treats!! that sounds so exciting. i am up in the phx area every month or so and would love to buy some. keep us updated! as for the heat, i never mind it this time of year. i think it feels great, actually. i start to mind it when oct/nov comes and it is still over 100! aghhh!


EatPeacePlease said...

Becky, I'll keep you updated on the treats, thanks for commenting! As for the "heat", I don't mind it at all right now, in fact, I just stepped back inside and its already in the 80s this morning! I start to mind it a bit when its midnight and still 100 degrees, but at least the sun is down. Sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm not. I'd rather be hot than cold any day! Plus, I love wearing sandals and tank tops year-round and not owning a jacket!

Catherine said...

Wow -- I'd die in Arizona. I get a bit "melty" in the heat. Must be all that northern European blood in me (Irish, German, and Polish.) My ancestors come from the part of the world where it is cold, rainy, and cloudy! (Although I do enjoy beautiful, sunny, 60-degree days like the next person!)

Your rhubarb sauce is electric pink! Ours was always brown when we were kids -- my mom used the green parts of the stalks, too.

What kind of kitchen space are you looking into?

karla* said...

i've heard you and jess(letsgetsconed) talk about seduction bread alot. what brand is this or does it come from a store's bakery, like whole foods?

EatPeacePlease said...

Catherine, I emailed you.

Karla, yes, it comes from Whole Foods Bakery Department. It's hard to find sometimes (I think it's super-popular). There are also Seduction Rolls which are about 1/10 the size of each loaf. I did post ingredients on one of my posts but it would be difficult to find which one (maybe Feb?). I highly suggest trying it, but if you are a vegan and don't eat honey, be warned the honey. I really like this bread and only eat honey once in a while anyway. I like the millet, sunflowerseeds and poppy seeds in it too.

Harmonia said...

Awesome List!