07 May 2006

Quinoa Goes Sloppy

This is my special version of "Sloppy Lenties" aka "Sloppy Lentils". It is special because quinoa is the secret super-awesome ingredient. This is the standard recipe of Sloppy Lenties but I added about a quarter cup more tomato sauce and increased the amount of garlic and spices used.
I was contemplating all day long whether I was going to cook the quinoa into the regular dish (as it's all a one-pot meal), but I decided that knowing me, something would happen and I would mess up and ruin a lot of food. Instead, I gathered a small pot, boiled some water and added quinoa. It's nice because it only has to cook for 15-20 minutes. But you *must* rinse it well before cooking. I rinse and pick through the lentils well, but I seem to rinse quinoa for longer (or even a small soaking). I made the lenties like I normally would, but when I added the quinoa at the end (see photo above), I realized that it was going to add a lot of bulk to the meal, hence each part having less flavor. That's where I made some flavorful adjustments.
And this was the end result, Sloppy Quinoa/Lentils with even more protein, plus complete proteins which are essential. This meal made me stuffed, especially since I ate it with the infamous Seduction Bread. I think I may just have to add quinoa to Sloppy Lentils each time for added flavor, texture and nutrition, but I will add less to the lentil dish than a whole cooked cup of it. I think this is making me want to branch out and try Sloppy Lentils with some other grains, even as simple as rice (which I've been thinkin' about since the bread-bowl post). Better yet, I should probably remember what lentils taste like with other spices and sauces!

Any ideas for rhubarb, people? I have a few stalks ($1.99 per pound) and I don't want to make a pie. That's the only idea I know of and I don't really feel like picking out a random recipe and risking it. I'd like one that's been tried and tested before and then confidently passed on to me.


Carrie™ said...

We really like quinoa at our house. Your sloppy lenties idea is great!
Sorry I can't help you out with your rhubarb dilemma. I don't like it, so I don't have any recipes. My mom used to make a cobbler type dish with it if that's any help to give you an idea. She also used to stew it on the stove and eat it cold in a bowl kinda like applesauce. ICK!

Catherine said...

The only non-oven rhubarb use I can think of would be rhubarb sauce. You basically chop up and cook down a bunch of rhubarb and some water with a LOT of sugar until it is creamy and gooey like applesauce. I ate a lot of rhubarb sauce growing up -- we had a bunch of rhubarb in the backyard. You could search on the web for dessert sauces that use rhubarb if you want exact measurements, because I can't offer you any! Good luck.

Julie said...

So healthy, Leslie! I want to see some cupcakes or chocolate soon! haha. j/k. Looks great, as always.

I promise that I will get to blogging soon-but, probably not until the end of this week-I have tons on finals!

raising_kahne said...

ohmygoodness! Your sloppy lenties look so delicious! Im also a vegetarian, and love finding new recipes, and that's s great one!

Anonymous said...

I tried quinoa for my ridiculously omni family over spring break, and didn't get quite the reaction I was hoping for. They were too skeptical and just don't like trying new things (or admitting that they like non-meat dishes). I think that your genious sloppy quinoa/lentils just might be the trick to get them to appreciate quinoa and vegetarianism. Thanks so much- it looks delicious and I'm excited to try it. Sorry I've never had rhubarb so I don't have any ideas for you.


Crystal said...

I LOVE rhubarb plain with a little salt or sugar. Just picked up a bunch from my mom - yum!

Too bad I read this after I was at the Living Green Expo - they were selling rhubarb cookbooks! I flipped through it and they suggest using it as a sauce for main meat dishes...could probably use it over grilled tofu. All the rest of the recipes were pies, cakes, muffins, etc.

Here's a suggestion too...cut it up small, cook it with some juice and a little sweetener if desired in a saucepan. Serve over soy ice cream with a bit of granola.

Shawn Powers said...

We'll have to try quinoa in our lennies! I love the little curly tails...

Also, my kids love quinoa in stuff, so this will make a kid friendly dish even friendlier!

KaiVegan said...

Sorry, Leslie, I couldn't help you with the rhubarb.

This dish on the other hand, looks awesome! Quinoa looks like a great addition to it. I think I would add some with the Anatolian Red Lentil Stew next time.

btw, I have been visiting your blog, just not commenting, but nevertheless enjoying every single post.

Dreena said...

Great idea, Leslie. I love quinoa more and more each time I have it, I think. It's so light and digestible, I love the taste, and it is so darn nutritious!!

Re the rhubarb, I'm with Catherine, making a sauce/jam. My mom used to always make rhubarb jam - combined with strawberries. Being so tart, it's good combined with another fruit, I'm sure you could think of fabulous combinations! Update us on what you do. :)

Dreena said...

Great idea, Leslie. I love quinoa more and more each time I have it, I think. It's so light and digestible, I love the taste, and it is so darn nutritious!!

Re the rhubarb, I'm with Catherine, making a sauce/jam. My mom used to always make rhubarb jam - combined with strawberries. Being so tart, it's good combined with another fruit, I'm sure you could think of fabulous combinations! Update us on what you do. :)

ningostar said...

hi leslie. i just got the new Vegetarian Times and there is a vegan recipe for Strawberry-Rhubarb Flummery. it looks like it is layers of fruit with a coconut/cashew whipped cream. i know you said you wanted something tried and tested, but this looks really good. i would be happy to email you the recipe if you would like.


Achira said...

Nice photos! From a previous post...any chance that you will sell the stuff that you make? I loved the keychains, esp. the one with the frog on it!

creative kismet said...

Yummy! Love lentils & quinoa!

Have you been able to find Mary Jane candies any where in Tempe yet? I just saw some at my local Cost Plus World Market. 6oz bag for $1.50. Maybe you could try there? They have one in Tempe right? Anyway, just thought you'd like to know.

Dori said...

For non baked, I have a rhubarb chutney on my blog right now. Otherwise with non-baked rhubarb I am a smoothie fan, it can be cut into small chunks and frozen, combined with a sweet spritzer, 1/2 an orange...sweetener). I also like to make it into a sweet sauce and serve it over pancakes/ waffles.

EatPeacePlease said...

Carrie, thanks for the comments. Sauce seems to be the popular rhubarb answer!

Catherine, great ideas, thanks! Dori's site has a whole page dedicated to rhubarb today.

Julie, never fear... sweets are always here! (and I emailed you).

Raising Kahne, thanks for the comments and glad to see a "new" comment around here, thanks! I hope you check back again.

Teresa, the quinoa is definitely a hidden treasure in this dish! It's so soft and nutritious and mixes great with the lentils. Did you ever try quinoa patties?

Crystal, I'll probably go with the sauce. I am not brave enough yet to just eat it plain! Thanks for commenting.

Shawn, you must try this version! It's so much healthier and just remember to add a bit more sauce and spices because the quinoa sucks it all up. Tell me how yours comes out. I love those curly tails too!

Kai, I have faith in your family's taste buds that quinoa in the lenties will be a success over there! Tell me how you like it (or not).

Dreena, I'm probably going with the sauce. I need to get my butt in gear with this rhubarb stuff! Thanks for your comments and I also emailed you about the jewelry, sorry it took me an eternity.

Becky, I think I have that recipe (well, I gave the newest VT issue to my boss to borrow before I looked at it) and thanks for the reminder about the recipe. As always, thanks for visiting and your comments too.

Achira, I do sell my jewelry, unfortunately many of these photos were older and that frog keychain is already sold. If you are near Tempe it may still be for sale over at the co-op. Otherwise, feel free to leave a comment with your email (I won't publish it to the world) and I can email you back with more details. I have many "animal" pendant/shapes but also a lot of other jewerly. What do you have in mind besides?

Creative Kimset, you are so funny about the Mary Janes. Around my birthday (March 28) my boyfriend found some right down the street from where I work! The Mary Janes have been there the whole time but it's a great thing that I didn't know because I'd be really unhealthy and huge and full of partially hydrogenated soybean oil. He did put some MJ's in my birthday basket and every once in a while will bring a few home. Thanks for the Cost Plus tip, I also saw them at Michael's Crafts. At the store near me they are 5 cents each, which means 20 of them is more than enough and only a buck.

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Randi said...

how about a rhubarb crisP. You'd have to cut it with some other fruit because its way too tart on its own.

Anonymous said...

I live in Italy and don't know how to cook lentils like you (they'd be delicious), can you please help me?