03 May 2006

First a Fruitshake, then Midweek Munchies.

I haven't cooked anything super-exciting in a while now. Throwing a bunch of things in a wok and calling it stir-fry has been the most exquisite, if you will, meal. Now that's pretty sad. I will cook some awesome stuff once again within a few weeks, but last night I was in my pajamas pretty early and didn't want to do much about dinner. So instead of throwing a bunch of things in a wok or pot and heating them, I decided to grab a bunch of stuff from the freezer and throw it in a blender.

In the middle of the 3rd quarter of the Suns vs. Lakers game (5) I hopped off the couch and took out some awesome frozen fruits. Then I reminded myself that hemp seeds are a must in all milkshakes (see a few previous posts) and so is soymilk. I threw the following ingredients in the blender and came out with a wonderful, tasty, healthy, what-I-like-to-call "a Fruitshake".

*Leslie's Fruitshake"
Soy Delicious Cookies n Cream ice cream (my favorite one, but any ice cream will still be awesome)
Silk soymilk
hemp-seeds, shelled
(*all items organic except for the hemp seeds and they may even be too, but I get them in bulk so I don't have a label)
Let me explain something about the abundance of fruits. I like to keep frozen fruits in the house because of instances like this (Fruitshakes), pancakes, emergency snacks, etc. I get them on sale or buy them even fresh on sale and freeze them. I had the mango all in one bag, as well as the blueberries which I keep ALL the time in a plastic container in the freezer, and I had a bag of strawberries and a small container of boysenberries from maybe too long ago. The rest on the list (cherries, raspberries, more blueberries, blackberries) were all in a bag that Ray threw in the cart one day. For some reason "Cherries" is written huge on the outside of the bag and for about a month now I have thought it was just a bag of cherries and never cared for it. Upon request, cherries were going into the Fruitshake, and when I opened the bag I was super-happy to have a wonderful surprise of an array of fruits! I've really been missing out all month...

I'm running out of straws... Oh, and the Suns kicked ass!

And now it's time for Midweek Munchies (5-3-06). No code once again, it will ruin the above formatting.
The following is from WFM and this * means "organic". And yes, Catherine, it's so hard to tell what food items are on the receipts.
mixture of canteloupe and grapes
Silk soymilk*
baked tofu*
Koala crisp cereal*
Optimum Power Breakfast cereal (the best cereal)*
apple juice (super-small one)*
small acaji (sp? it's gone now) juice, and the receipt is crap
gorilla munch cereal* (healthy cocoa crispies)
Heritage bites cereal* (yeah, we stocked up on 4 cereals since I haven't cooked much and spared you all of my non-uploaded cereal photos!)
vanilla cream soda
raspberry ginger brew (the last two items are Ray's)
bulk vanilla granola* (more cereal items)
2 small gelatos (FROM THE NEW AWESOME GELATO BAR). It's costly so this was a treat!
2 bag refunds (not organic).
($32.66 + $0.59 tax) 15 items


Julie said...

Awesome fruit shake! I am an avid shake maker--especially in the summer!

oh, and you gotta love that the Suns finally beat the Lakers..and by a ton! Woot!

Harmonia said...

Raspberry Ginger brew? tell me more! :) Great list!

I need to start juicing and making smoothies and such. I think I will try and do some research on it today. I finally bought some almond milk! :)

My Inner Geek said...

I'm a huge fan of drinking my meals. Your fruitshakes look yummy!

Vicki said...

oooooh, i LOVE your fruit shakes! once again, i'm thinking "i gotta make these" & your beach glasses are so cute! :o) hey, what's acaji? i don't watch much anymore, but since magic johnson, i'm a lakers fan. (i can hear you through cyber space....boooo hisssssssss!)

EatPeacePlease said...

To everyone: Were my photos easier to open this time? I followed Shawn's advice and they are smaller.

Harmonia, no research necessary... just throw a bunch of fruit, add milk (actually, add liquids first to the blender) and then add ice cream or whatever you want. I like seeds in there too. ANd the Ginger Brew is "Reeds".

Julie, we should get together and eat fruitshakes.
Also Julie, something that's been bugging me: did you happen to be studying at Green last night?!?

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Leslie, you make me wish I had a better blender. Mine leaks with smoothies, poor overused smoothie maker.

Speaking of heritage bites, I keep some at work for breakfast and this morning was thinking of how funny it is I eat a cereal called 'heritage bites'.

EatPeacePlease said...

My Inner Geek... that's another thing, I didn't have much of an appetite (but always for ice cream and sweets) and didn't feel like chewing anything. I'm weird.

Nancy said...

Leslie those smoothies look wonderful! It's nice having all that fruit in the freezer. We had a mini heatwave recently and I made the girls smoothies in the morning before school. It made a great breakfast with bananas, raspberries and soymilk!

Julie said...

Leslie- We so should!

omg, I was at Green yesterday afternoon (around 2PM), but I wasn't studying--I was with Matt. It is easy to tell if it's me, if Matt is there too, because he is 6'6"!

EatPeacePlease said...

Vicki- Thanks for your comments. You must make this, as it was awesome and super-easy. About the ball game, I never really get into sports unless my home team is doing awesome. I got into baseball when the D-backs went to the World Series and now I am "into" the NBA Playoffs. I do plan on watching the game (and cooking?!) tonight.
Those glasses are from the dollar store. I have my "special cow cup", a kitty one and these.

Patty said...

I must admit, never used hemp seeds and know very little about them and what benefits they have, but we are avid smoothie, shake drinkers, so may have to check out the hemp seeds for them.

Catherine said...

nonorganic bag refund? we should write whole foods and tell them we want an organic bag refund! :)

Harmonia, I love the Reed's raspberry ginger brew -- it's a really fun treat. Sweet and fruity, but with a good ginger bite to it. Yum!

ningostar said...

leslie, those look great. my favorite thing in shakes/smoothies??? a big scoop of peanut butter! is that strange...? because it is sooo good!


Tavox said...

Excellent site


EatPeacePlease said...

To Everyone, for some reason my comments have been all over the place today and I am receiving the later ones before the earlier ones. Sorry if I skipped anyone's reply (shout out if I did), but I'm going to update now:


Jess, a good blender has been well worth it for me. I enjoy eating a lot of fruit in the summer, well, drinking rather.

Nancy, thanks for the comment. I highly recommend adding ice cream to your daughters' next morning smoothies. Maybe on a super-special day!

Julie, WFM has Hazelnut Herb Cutlet cakes right now. The guy behind the counter was kind of an ass tonight and I didn't buy any, plus they were all pre-baked and I like to heat mine on a skillet at home (they let me have some from the back usually). I think I responded to you about Green already.

Vicki, the Suns vs Lakers game is on cable. That's why I'm on the computer night now (I'd never dare to pay for tv, but internet...yes).

Patty, for sure try out the hemp seeds. They have protein, omegas, fiber (unshelled)and a lot of other stuff that I have to look up to remember. Not to mention taste, texture and greenish/white color. If you don't have any in TX, I'll send you some. I need to get to your blog (I like to take my peaceful time over there, it's like my special blog-land-vacation).

Catherine, totally joking about the organic bag refund. Unless you were too, in which I don't always *get* stuff. I actually have never had the rasp brew, it was for Ray. He always buys beverages. I like water.

To everyone... remember, think rubarb ideas...

creative kismet said...

mmmmmm! your food always looks sooooo good!! That milkshake - wow! It's so full of color! I bet it was amazing!!

Wide Lawns Subservient Worker said...

Yum! My husband and I have been on a huge smoothie kick lately. They're just SO good! The seeds really bother me though. Does anyone have any ideas for overcoming the seeds from blackberries, boysen, rasp, etc? Please show us more pictures of Killian the Kale Cat. He is so adorable eating his kale. I recently discovered that my strange vegetarian kitty likes celery and parsley too.

Carrie™ said...

Hi Leslie! I see you posting on most of the blogs I read, so I decided I should pay you a visit.
First off, let me say I love your glasses! I never find anything like that at the dollar store. Your shakes look and sound awesome. The colour is crazy. You should freeze it in a tube and pack it in your lunch. HA!
Have a great weekend!

BTW, your jewellery is very, very nice. I like the first blue necklace very much. Do you supply to specific stores or do you work on consignment? Just curious. Very nice work and lovely designs.

KleoPatra said...

Fruitshakes R us. I love them too, Leslie! Nice and beautiful to look at; dreamy to drink!

I really enjoy your blog...

Virginie said...

I love the color of your rhubarb sauce.
I always have frozen blueberries at home too (for the breakfast). In France, (no-toxic) hemp products are meet a revival, thanks to ecologic actions. Hemp oil is sold for a few years (maybe 2), but I've never cooked with the seeds. Are the uses the same as flax seeds' ?