01 March 2006

Midweek Munchies

Midweek Munchies: What LESLIE is contributing for the week

Yes! My first Midweek Munchies report. I usually shop on Sundays for the major stuff, and every now and then I will run to either the co-op, WFM, Haji Baba Market or Sunflower Market for odds and ends. Usually I have so many ideas, I try to stick with what I already have. Ray and I went to Whole Foods Market (WFM) on Sunday, the usual shopping night for us. Even though it's Ray's reciept, I kept it so I could remember everything for the list. Here goes:

ah ha, a funny one to start with...
sugar cones (organic, see Sunday night's post, as I dug in immediately)
crispy rice puffs
Ray's (dairy) pastashio chocolate chip ice cream (organic)
garbanzo beans
cannelleni beans
Ray's small, expensive slice of "good" cheese
Perrier (ugh, Ray's again)
raw almonds
almond butter (squeezed myself)
peanut butter (squeezed myself)
one Luna bar (the newest flavor, yet to try, emergency snacks only)
organic raisins
one Cliff bar (the newest flavor, for Ray, emergency snacks only)
pecans, raw
grade A dark maple syrup
Kamut puffs
Seduction bread
mini pita bread (for the freezer)
olive oil spray (ran out, good for non-fat, non-stick cooking)
tahini (a crappy kind, I usually get authentic stuff from Haji)
veggie broth

We get a whopping five cent discount for bringing our own bags!

There you have it... the newest items in the house. Not much veggies because I am still trying to finish up the ones from last week. I always like having a lot of carrots, so I buy those regardless of what I already have. I bought a bunch of greens the other day, sorry, no list...

Also, no fruit because we try to buy that at the Sunflower Market instead. There's organic and it's way cheaper than WFM. I also get to bring a lot of free fruit home from work, which is awesome. My boss has a tree, the lady next door has some citrus trees and brings us bushels every week. It's really great! You won't see much fruit, unless it's random or frozen on my lists.

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Julie said...

I also get all of my produce at Sunflower--Whole Foods can be so freakin' expensive!

btw, What's Haji Baba Market?

KaiVegan said...

Hi,Leslie! I like that you list has some details!
I get 10 cents for my bags at WF (nice), 5 at the co-op.
We don't have much options in terms on prices for produce here- organic stuff are still more expensive at the other stores than at WFM.
Looking forward to summer already when we can enjoy the farmers market.

Harmonia said...

Tell me more about:
Kamut puffs

Also, For Tahini I buy Joyva Brand.

Great List! Thanks for participating!

EatPeacePlease said...

Hi Julie... Haji Baba is a restaurant on Apache between Rural and McClintock on the South side of the street. I don't care for their restaurant foods anymore as it isn't the cleanest place (and I'm really picky about that). I do love their market. I buy most of my spices, grains, beans and random items there. It's super-cheap, almost as if you were buying this stuff from the Middle East first hand. The people there are all great (and from various middle eastern countries) and it's a wonderful place to check out. I highly recommend it.

Kai... I love farmers markets too. We have them year-round here since it is always nice here, but I find that many "regular" stores have specialty items and organic that is WAY more expensive than WFM. I like to mix it up anyway and I'm a bargan shopper most of the time, that's also one reason for me shopping all over town. Plus, I enjoy it and enjoy all the different choices.

Harmonia... I buy tahini that I don't even think has a brand name. It's from a local middle eastern market. Kamut is an ancient whole grain and it is very high in vitamins and minerals. It's similiar to wheat. I would check the website called www.kamut.com and go from there. There's a ton of info and I'd rather you read it there.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

dear girl, what is seduction bread?

EatPeacePlease said...

Hey Jess. Seduction bread is from Whole Foods bakery and it's the best. It's a whopping $4.69 over here, but well worth it. I figure if someone's gonna buy "regular" bread for about 3 bucks or so, its so much more worth it to buy Seduction Bread. I love it with Earth Balance plain as well as with other things (healthy stuff).

It mostly consists of whole wheat, poppy seeds, millet and sunflower seeds and a ton of other good stuff. I'll be sure to save the ingredients on the bag next time, as I always transfer to my own bag at home. I also Google-d it, but nothing.

KaiVegan said...

Leslie, I think that way with breads and other stuff, too.
I hope they have Seduction bread at our WFM, I'd love to try it!
Oops...for the errors on my previous comment ("you list has some details", "in terms on prices")

creative kismet said...

AHHHH! You've brought back so many fond memories. I used to live in AZ (grew up there) and lived in Tempe for a couple of years way back in the day. We used to go to Haji Baba's ALL THE TIME!! I miss their hummus and Falafels! MMMMMM! Were moving back (to Tucson) this summer! I can't wait!! Great list by the way!


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I miss Whole Foods bread, the store in Portland doesn't bake their own!