01 March 2006

Faux Falafels + Bonus

Last night I made faux falafel. They are what would be a regular falafel but I added carrots, jalepeno, and a lot of other stuff. It turned out to be my least favorite of all patties I have made, but was worth the try. I just threw a bunch of stuff in a food processor with some chickpeas, blended and added spices. Chilled for an hour in the fridge and then lightly sauteed for a while.

I served these with pita, oranges and romaine. Not shown was tamari-tahini from TEV. This is my tahini server.

Have another look...

Remember from one of the last posts that I was planning on making maple pecans because I refuse to buy them from WFM for $14.99/lb? Well, my attempt failed and I needed to quickly turn these into something else because I certainly wasn't wasting expensive items such as maple syrup, pecans and cashews. I decided to throw in puffed rice, brown and organic for two reasons. One, it is cheap (about a dollar per bigass bag). Also because I needed a binder to fill these and they are sticky but good. A good breakfast treat with the maple syrup.

Faux Falafel- out of ten I gave it a five point five.
Maple Pecan Crispy Treats- out of ten I gave it a nine, especially for being a mistake.


4xblessed said...

The Maple Pecan Crispy Treats look delicious. Where's the recipe? :-) Would they travel well in a backpack? Theme-park season is almost here, and I need healthy snack recipes.

SusanV said...

Sometimes mistakes make the best foods, huh?

And I've got to say that I want your tahini server! How cool!

EatPeacePlease said...

Hi Susan. You're right about mistakes. I like them sometimes, except for when my oven catches fire and that mistake (wrong size pan) has been a now 2.5 month disaster! Thanks for the comment on the tahini server, I like it myself, very "me" and of course, it's brown (my fav).

Hi Veggie Woman... Thanks for the comment. I have mixed feelings about these travelling. First of all, I am pretty sure they need refrigeration. But, at the same time, after 2-3 days in the fridge, the rice puffs are getting not quite soggy, but almost "chewy" like the rest. Secondly, the maple syrup is sticky. But remember, I made these thinking I was making something else, and next time I would use less syrup. Lastly, if you did travel with them and found you don't need to keep them cool, I highly suggest keeping them wrapped in parchment paper (that's what I did for Ray at school/work) or keep them in shallow plastic containers.

They are moister and stickier than soft granola bars. I'll try to figure out a good recipe for this one. Thanks for your interest!

I will compile a few healthy snack recipes for you today. In the meantime, on my page check out the following recipes for snacks. Most are posted under February 2006.

-"Special Treats"
-Totally Nutty Bars from Vive le Vegan (do you have the book? If not GET IT!!!). This one's posted under "Blue Notes".
-"Miriam's Zucchini Muffins"
-"Crispy Treaks AKA Snacks"
-"Millet Puffs"

Wow, I sure do have a lot of snacks and treats posted (and these are only the ones good for travelling!). And I don't even post treats that I make all the time! Anyway, if you want more specifics on a recipe, let me know (and that goes for anyone else if you are reading this).

Harmonia said...

Everything looks great. I actually just posted in my comments about my last trouble with falafal. teehee

I added more pictures on my blog when you have to look.

Always a joyous visit!


me said...

I never thought about adding extra spices and delicious things to the regular falafel mix. That's a great idea, I'm going to try it...

By the way, do you ever bake falafels?


EatPeacePlease said...

Hi Me (ha, that sounds so funny)... this came out just ok. Check out some of my other patties and they are better.

I don't bake at the current time, but I do like baked falafel. Bottom line for me: fried is the way to go, just light oil.

4xblessed said...

Thanks for the tips. Two local theme parks are only 15 minutes away, so the treats would only be unrefrigerated for a few hours before being eaten. But on the other hand, it is very hot and humid here in the summer and they'll quickly get hot in the backpack.

I looked at the recipes for the snacks you listed and saw some I will probably try. Thanks. I would love to find healthy snacks my kids would eat.

EatPeacePlease said...

Hi Veggie Woman! Thanks for your compliments and I hope you all enjoy the treats. I am trying to gather a long post of treat recipes based on a few requests.