10 February 2006

Orange Dressing Couscous

Last night I had emergency couscous. See "Simply Couscous" to understand my situation. So, with the couscous I had leftover "orange dressing" from Vive and I decided to put some soy sauce, shredded carrots and the orange dressing in the couscous. It was simple but very good. I was pleased with the flavors and I am so thankful that I made a new dressing as well as found a new way to make couscous. It was still ready in five minutes because the dressing was in a container already.

No photo, it wasn't worth it (looks-wise) but it tasted fabulous.

Oh, but I also had couscous this week for dinner before, as well as a bunch at work today... still not sick of it though!

PS... a crazy customer lady at work kept calling it coo-coo... weird.


Miriam said...

Oh god. Coo-coo. That is hilarious. People who call quinoa "ki-no-wa" kill me too.

Vegan Momma said...

Perhaps she was coocoo for Couscous? ;-) I have not eaten couscous in years.

EatPeacePlease said...

She just kept saying "coo-coo" over and over and she was seriously crazy!!!

And Miriam, you are evem more right about the quinoa, it's hillarious.

Isil S. said...

This reminded me of Robert Wyatt's song Cuckoo Madame ;) a nice song