05 February 2006

Lentil Quinoa Patties

Welcome to my first real-food-blog. I have so many recipes, ideas in mind, as well as photos stored, ready to share and trade. I am learning how to do all of this real-blog stuff. Stick with me and I will have my lovely food photos up soon. I am transfering them from another magical place.

In the meantime, I have been wanting to make lentil patties, but with some type of grain. You see, I eat brown rice a lot and wanted something else. I eat quinoa every once in a while, and decided that (just like my fabulous lentil-quinoa stew) the two together in the form of patties with a bunch of other veggies sounded good.

I started to follow two recipes from Vive le Vegan. Instead, I took bits and pieces of both recipes, plus my skills and imagination, and came up with this...

Ingredients are as follows (but not limited to). I also didn't really measure!
red lentils, cooked *about 1c
quinoa, cooked with lentils because I'm lazy sometimes *about 3/4c
olive oil *about two teaspoons total and just used for saute
garlic *2 cloves and I roasted it first
raw cashews *about a handful. It sounded good.
red, yellow and green bell peppers *about 1/2c minced
one jalepeno, seeded
onion *just a quarter of one since I'm weird about onions but like the flavor
fresh parsley *about a tablespoon or so
carrots *1.5 diced
celery *just one stalk, diced
hoisin sauce *about 2 tablespoons
rice vinegar *about 2 tablespoons
sea salt *to taste (I used about a teaspoon, but would have liked more)
ground black pepper, to taste
chili flakes *a pinch
tahini *2 tablespoons
whole wheat breadcrumbs for the outside
spelt flour ***note: I ended up using this because I needed a binder and I know spelt is heavier than whole wheat, so I went with that. I probably added about 3 tablespoons, 2 more than I wanted to.

Overall, these patties were great. It took me almost 2 hours total but that is because I let the mixture chill in the fridge for a while so it could 1: cool down, 2: bind together better, 3: get me out of the kitchen for a while.

Here's a few more photos.
This is the pre-mixture. Just the veggies with the roasted garlic and before mixing it with everything else.

This is what they looked like while cooking...

And this was the final result. I ended up not eating them with the fabulous Seduction Bread (filled with pumpkin seeds, millet, and much much more good stuff). First, I ate the romaine, just straight-up. Then I dug into the patties (they were a bit soft, too soft for on bread) and finished off with only once slice of bread. I was stuffed.


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Dreena said...

Leslie, these look fabulous! I love that you mucked about with some of the ideas in Vive and came up with your own creation! I do the same thing, and it's what makes cooking fun, and sure to please your palate with the flavors you like best. These really look very yummy!