06 February 2006

Simply Couscous

When I am super-hungry, I usually make couscous.
Reasons why:
1: I love couscous
2: I like that it is itty bitty pastas (semolina)
3: It only takes 5 minutes!
4: Almost anything goes in it
5: Almost everything goes with it
6: It can be hot or cold... it's always good
7: Great for a quick, "lazy" meal

As I was hungry and as I spent most of the weekend making random creations, I decided to put my creativity aside and make a simple couscous.

*The green bowl is always my special bowl. Red is Ray's*

If you don't know, all you do is boil water (or veggie broth) and add couscous. Cover, take away from the heat and let it sit (like rice) for only five minutes. I usually give it about 7 minutes, just in case.

While the mini semolinas were becoming fabulous couscous, I shredded a carrot, chopped a few pieces of romaine, cut garlic, felt like adding some raw cashews, took out some soy sauce, olive oil and sea salt. I think I was in the kitchen for about ten minutes. This is so easy to make and it's amazing that many times I just stand in the kitchen for ten minutes before I find my mind.

Verdict: Of course I loved it. I served myself more than Ray (which I always do with couscous, rarely anything else), and I ate everything. When I asked Ray how it was he said "good". Minutes upon minutes later I look at his special red bowl and when I see that it is not being gobbled up, I decided to ask again.
"Is it good?" (which I should already know since I asked, but...)
Makes face.
"Tell me the truth!!!"
"It needs a little something..."
Something what?!?

And I know he must have just meant salt, more soy sauce, or even another spice probably. Oh well, as I never make couscous more than once the same anyway!

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