24 February 2006

Copycat Cupcakes

I call these Copycat Cupcakes because I was inspired by Dreena's awesome chocolate cup cupcakes with vanilla pudding and kiwi. They looked wonderful and I was of course drooling, and decided to make my own using philo (FilloFactory) dough. These were 15 mini pies. Best part about the pies: 1. organic 2. already pre-baked!!! 3. that means ready-to-eat.

I took the recipe that I always use for chocolate pudding (or chocolate mousse) and I have it posted under "January" if you want to take a look. For this, I modified my own version!

silken tofu
non-alkaline cocoa powder
barley sweetened chocolate chips
organic vanilla extract
agave nectar
hot water
philo dough

I put the tofu in the food processor until creamy. Then I put the cocoa and chocolate in a seperate bowl and poured super-hot (or boiling) water over it and stirred. This was nice to smell. Anyway (I'm weird), then I dumped the chocolate into the processor with the tofu and blended away. Next, vanilla and agave nectar (instead of sugar, and a way better choice this time!) was added and stirred up. I put everything in a sealed plastic container and put it in the fridge for an hour. This makes it firmer and chilled.
After I took the pudding out of the fridge, I spooned intseey weensey sized droplets onto the filo mini pie "crusts" Then I let them hang out for a while back in the fridge. I took them out and was able to add even more on top, to make them a bit pointy, looking like mini pies.

Then it was right before I was going to bed... and I ate one. Wow. Fabulous.

I brought some to work and I loved announcing that the main ingredient was TOFU (do a little dance!!!). My boss and co-worker loved it (though I didn't think they wouldn't.). These are super-tastey and I highly recommend making them. The total "active" time in the kitchen is five minutes. Super-easy!


SusanV said...

Oh wow--I just ate a huge dinner at a Thai restaurant, but these photos still have the ability to make me hungry! The next time I have to bring a dessert to something, I'm bringing this!

bernusha said...

Looks yum! So, where do you get the philo? Pre-baked sounds right up my alley!

Dreena said...

Leslie, these are gorgeous!! Did you have premade phyllo cups, or did you shape them yourself? I have made my own phyllo cups, but boy I'd love to have some that are premade.

These are my kind of cupcake - more creamy icing than 'cake'!! I don't like sugary icing, but I love a creamy icing, and more of it than the cake, so this is the perfect solution with the little phyllo shells! :)

EatPeacePlease said...

Yes, these are great. Not too sweet (agave nectar) and not too filling from the tofu.

These are pre-made, pre-baked (of course, for me) philos. They are from FilloFactory and were in the freezer section at WFM (whole foods) 15-count for just under 3 bucks. I recommend them and the box has good ideas/tips too.

KaiVegan said...

Hey, Leslie, you'll be so proud of me! I bought all sorts of bulk stuff (grains, nuts, beans, seeds, etc.) from WFM today!
Our local ones don't carry philo cups. That would have been fun (and yummy) to make that today. I would try Dreena's version sometime, though.

EatPeacePlease said...

Awesome Kai... what do you plan on making? I like mixing nuts and seeds together, and I would never ever buy grains again not in bulk. I don't see any point. And it's way cheaper. Do you have any ideas?

KaiVegan said...

I have no idea what I'm gonna do with the nuts and seeds, really! The most creative thing I've done was trail mixes! I'm still waiting for my new cookbooks- free shipping takes forever!
I'll be looking online, but will probably end up going back to your past blogs.

btw, I got some vegan pumpkin muffins from a local bakery today and we all thought they're awesome!

EatPeacePlease said...

Hi Kai. Why don't you try making a veggie stir fry and put the nuts (depending on type) and seeds as a topping. Or you can grind them, put them in cereal, make treats like I do, eat them plain and raw, use them as bases for meals, or you can make loafs, patties, etc with them and grains too. Does that help a bit, even though it's vague?

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I love how smooth they look. very cute!

Miriam said...

That looks so darn good. Yum.