02 September 2006

For Isil... 5 Foods

This is a list of 5 foods that I have eaten and absolutely love, and that I wish for as many people to try at least once. Except for #1, this is in no particular order.

1. organic soy ice cream (cookies n creme, preferably)
2. organic kiwi (cut horizontally down the middle and scooped until hollow with a spoon, that's the best way to eat it)
3. falafel sandwich with lettuce and tahini (hopefully organic, but authenicity rules here)
4. organic ground cumin
5. organic hemp seeds (sprinked on anything, with high nutritional contents)
If I could pick a 6th (I am so bad!) it would for sure be organic wild blueberries. I was torn, but kiwi won.

Now I'm supposed to "tag" people, right? The following people are now due for their list of "5 foods". If you have been tagged already, I apologize in advance.


Stay tuned... I have interesting "things" stirring up around here!


raising_kahne said...

I must say, it was harder than I thought to come up with my top 5. It kinda tool me forever! : )

Would you believe me if I told you I had never had a 'real' falafel(I do not consider a nasty,crappy out-of-box kind real)?? Ive seen so many blogs with yummy looking pics with even yummier tahini sauce drizzled over it(I would also like to know how to make a good tahini sauce because I dont like tahini straight up). I would love to make my own falafels, but not exactly sure how. Oh,and kiwis are the bomb! I will try eating them your way!

ps. cant wait to see what you're 'stirring up' around there!

KleoPatra said...

Nice food choices there, Leslie! Your sweet tooth is showing ----> on 1 and 2 and "6" :o)

"except for #1 this is in no particular order" - that made me laugh!

Falafel is so fantastic! I am a big fan as well. How can one not be?!

Hope you are feeling better, kiddo...

Anonymous said...

Oh cumin, how I love cumin. It's one of the most perfect spices. Good with just about anything that isn't sweet! Good list. I'm lovin everything but the kiwi (see the #1 fruit on my list).

The suspense! What have you got stirring up girl?


Isil S. said...

I also thought about falafel while making the list but then I skipped them. Though I'm craving falafels now ;)
Thanks for participating.

madeinalaska said...

great list! I am with ya on it all.. but, i have never tried the hemp seeds.. and well, i am not a big ice cream fan.. like the rest of my family..
what'ch stirring up?

Miriam said...

I think it is so cool that you put cumin on there! I share a mad, passionate love for cumin with anything - especially avocados, of course! I'll get to this tomorrow!

Todd eats kiwi just like that too, but I am wasteful and I peel it. :(

And I could have totally guessed your number 1. :)

Dutchnic said...

Thanks for stopping by on my blog... my tomato soup recipe is probably not for you!

Mary said...

I love how ice cream is first! My boyfriend and I just came back from a mini vacation in Tempe. We stayed at the South Mountain Resort. I wanted to go to Tempe because of your raves about Whole Foods! I went today and oh my god I wanted to move my little butt from Tucson to Tempe right away. Why oh why can't we have a Whole Foods here!

funwithyourfood said...

Interesting "things" eh?
I wanna know!! ;)

Great organic choices- I would have choosen the kiwi over the bluberries and that's exactly how i like mine too


Vicki said...

great list! everytime i see someone else's -- i want to change mine!

Carrie™ said...

I love how your top 5 is actually 6. I think my top 5 turned into 7. I'm with you on the falafel. I put them on my list too.
Good to see you back posting. Are you feeling any better?

Pure Zuke 2 said...

that's one way of getting us all to sit at the edge of our seats! Looking forward to the surprise!

Patty said...

I have to agree with you on all your choices.
I just love falafals. Had some great ones in Israel.
I might choose blueberries over kiwi though.

laura jesser said...

Your choices sound great! Falafel is so good. Kiwi and blueberry--that would be a toss-up for me too.

Jody said...

I'm not a kiwi fan, but I like the rest of your list. Falafel is one of my fav foods.

BTW - The cookies I was baking were for the cookie swap at vegginout. They were for the August swap, but I was late making/mailing them.

Maybe you want to make some raw cookies for the September swap?

Looking forward to see what "things" you have cookin'!

raising_kahne said...

ohh, I like the new look! Very earthy.

kaivegan said...

Why was I not surprised with the ice cream as #1?

Great list! So glad to see the falafel and cumin here! I would think you would pick the blueberry...but I would have gone with the kiwi as well.

I finally made VwaV Black Bean Stew. Yum! More on that next time I get to post.

bazu said...

I'm with you on everything on your list. I was actually thinking of putting hemp seeds on my list, too. You might think I'm gross because I eat kiwis whole- skin and all- but now you have me craving kiwis.

Oh p.s. For the person who asked about tahini sauce, I believe it's just a mixture of tahini and lemon juice. Our local middle eastern restaurant also puts diced cucumber in theirs.

Great list!

EatPeacePlease said...

Savanna, not only am I finally going to email you about the non-apple-cider-vinegar-dressings, I am also going to teach you how to make falafel. We'll talk...

Kleo, glad you are a fan of falafel, everyone should be!

Crystal, I love cumin toasted. I probably should have specifically said that since I went as far as saying ground.

Isil, eat some falafel, your baby will love it forever!

Madeinalaska, I never was an ice cream fan until I became vegan 7 years ago. I love it now. Try some hemp seeds when/if you can find them.

Miriam, don't peel your kiwi. Just like you tell me not to take avocados in the shower!

Dutchnic, you're welcome.

Mary, they may be opening a WFM in Tucson. I cannot believe you came up here (and stayed overnight) just to go to the market. I hope you packed your car with a few coolers. South Mountain, a good place to stay. Did you go on the lazy river?

Teddy, I had to pick one or the other but I really like the combo of blueberries and kiwi together.

Vicki, I don't want to change mine, but I keep thinking "oh yeah" about each one. You have quite the list with the specifics.

Carrie, I'm glad it was just a top 5-6 I could have got carried away like some others out there! I'm feeling a bit better, thank you for asking. Feeling "blah" is totally not my thing, so I am really sick of this. Not in my element at all...

Pure Zuke, just wait, sorry. It's all Ray and his cousin's fault. They've been hogging the computer on and off for 5 days and everytime I get on its too late to post. Even now, I'm debating, but finally getting to the comments. Stay tuned a bit longer...

Patty, I would love to have non-USA falafel. Real stuff. Glad to hear it's high up on your list too.

Laura, kiwi + blueberries. That's my new answer.

Jody, I may join the swap. If so, I could do raw or those boiled cookies I made a while back. I'll think about it.

Savanna (again), thanks! I keep changing it a bit, but brown is my favorite color. I feel like it needs a burst of brightness though. I need to learn more. This beta stuff is weird anyway.

Kai, why were you not surprised?! I don't know either! I am looking forward to your post on the black bean stew and for your modifications. I always like making each new thing as-is so I know how it is going to be and then for the future what needs to be done. I totally changed that one up. More beans!

Bazu, I don't think it's gross to eat kiwi whole, I actually know people who think I am weird for scooping out. Hmmm, I guess it is/was the hair. I get organic kiwi from our local co-op and they aren't hairy. When I used to eat kiwi as a kid (in the midwest) they were hairy, but I still liked the middle. I guess I prefer the slimy-ness in the middle. To each his/her own.

Urban Vegan said...

Hear, hear on the cookies & creme.

Mary said...

I did go on the lazy river. We went around a few times. It sure felt great to do nothing!

WFM was the primary reason I wanted to stay in Phoenix. I did not think of bringing an ice chest with me, so I couldn't buy any of the yummy freezer things! I was so bummed. Next time I go up I'll have to remember to bring one.

We ate at a restaurant called Green? Have you been there? Fantastic food and it's all vegan!

Virginie said...

Isil asked me to answer to this meme too, but I haven't done it for the moment. It isn't so easy to choose 5 foods when we love lots of them.
I've never tried hemp seeds, but noticed we can order them in France (one girl made muffins with it + hemp flour on my blog). If you put them in your list, it should be very good. Hope i'll taste them soon.