21 March 2006

Midnight Milkshake

This could possibly be the best midnight snack ever. Yes, I ate this at midnight!

We had a pretty boring dinner last night around 9:30 or 10pm. I wanted ice cream, but I was too full for a while. I thought about going to bed... then I thought about ice cream. Then I thought about putting a bunch of good stuff (including broken organic cones) into the ice cream.

A milkshake at midnight it was...

Above: What you see here is magic about to happen in the VitaMix. Well, it already started when I took this photo, but you get the idea, right?

Ingredients for my special milkshake. I just started throwing (what I do best) stuff in that I thought would be good. Funny thing is, what I thought about most was cones, and I ended up forgetting to put a broken cone in. At least I saved 45-50 calories! Whatever to that.

Ingredients (for real this time):
*Soy Delicious Organic Cookies n Cream ice cream (my favorite, from a quart, the 4.5g fat/serving kind, not 12g/serving)
*Silk Soymilk, vanilla flavor, organic
*Organic, barley sweetened chocolate chips
*frozen blueberries, organic
*hemp seeds, shelled(?)

I whizzed it all together in the V-mix and it turned out fabulous. It started melting by the time I got to the photo because it was either take a photo right away and risk the blender being stuck with all the blueberry bits for days, or have a somewhat melty photo and have a nice and clean blender. Blender it was.

Note: Ray and I shared this (I suprised him while he was working on the computer) and not shown, but we had two gigantic red straws to suck up all this goodness.

Verdict: Awesome midnight milkshake, and for the most part, healthy too (kinda).


KaiVegan said...

Wow, I know it's just a matter of time before I see "purple goodness" on this blog again!
I would really love to have a VitaMix. Don't know if I could afford it though. (Maybe next Christmas or Mother's Day?) Few months ago, I wouldn't know what to do with it, but now, it's on top of my list. Want it, want it, want it!

Back to the milkshake, you've inspired me again! Thank you. My bunch would think I'm really wonderful! (btw, they know Leslie & Eat Peace Please here)

EatPeacePlease said...

Hi Kai, you are so sweet that your children know of me in your home! That really makes me feel good.

And yes, purple stuff (blueberries should be called purpleberries) is always in my freezer. I like to throw them in here and there when I need an extra boost of good stuff, especially like with this milkshake!

It was really good, for sure a change from a regular smoothie, and ice cream is one of my favorite foods (if not, my favorite, but soy only).

As for the VitaMix, it was a gift a few years ago from my mom. I love it so much (and her) and it is worth every penny and very durable. I hope you get it someday.

Thanks for the wonderful comments as always!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Leslie, I've swooned over this.

Not to mention it's a vitamix!!

Nancy said...

I love the flecks of color in this - it's visually very cool. Your midnight snack was healthier than mine (glass of red wine and a handful of peanuts sitting in front of the Daily Show ;-))

Shawn Powers said...

I must ask -- are the colored bands part of the glass, or little bracelets thrown on for effect?

We *love* smoothies/milkshakes/anything_sweet_in_a_glass in our house, but haven't been able to make any in a while due to the demise of our second blender.

Maybe a vitamix will be a summertime treat for us, who knows. :) Great looking shake, nonetheless!

We've got a TON of locally picked blackberries in the freezer... maybe we'll have to make some smoothies in our food processor. It's been so long since we've had a blender, your photos make me want one!

Mal said...

Looks way too good! I may have to get to the health food store and splurge to try this! (Okay, I know I won't get around to it very soon, but I'm making a mental note!)

EatPeacePlease said...

Jess... I thought you'd like this as we both LOVE those sweets!

Hi Nancy... It did turn out to be quite healthy, for a milkshake! If I ingest more than 4 sips of wine I'm wasted. I stay away from it. Plus, I would have been passed out WAY BEFORE MIDNIGHT!

Shawn Powers... The rings are part of the glass. I had another matching one that was a bit smaller and it was actually mine, and the one shown (larger) is Ray's but I broke mine during washing one day. We got these super-cheap in Nogales, Mexico, on the AZ/Mex border. I plan on getting more some day soon as these are great glasses. I highly recommend talking to Dreena Burton regarding blenders and maybe you buying another. She seems to know quite a bit about these tools (vivelevegan.blogspot.com)

Hi Mal... I've had a mental note of this milkshake for days before I had it! Even if it's weeks or months, it's nice to have that in the back of your mind, a nice treat! It really was quite simple.

Julie said...

Ofcourse this looks delish! I also have to say again that I love your dishes!

We need to be getting together like once every two weeks and swaping food-I just don't know if my food would compare to yours! ;)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Aw, I definitely prefer making sweets for other over eating them (and this is excluding being calorie conscious as well)...I'm a salt girl, the truth comes out!

I've had half a square of the giant chocolate chip raspberry creation. I just loving making cakes too damn much. But really, one slice and I'm bored and want to make something else...what I should is get really mini cake pans. (and mail sweets to you when you start eating baked goods again ; ) Fortunately I have friends and coworkers to eat leftovers.

EatPeacePlease said...

Julie, I'm up for getting together and swapping! And don't say that about your food, I am not comparing, nor do I think yours would be worse than mine in any way. I just won't eat cheese, although I see you have been doing a lot of veganness lately. Great!

Jess, I get that way about foods too, make a whole big batch, eat a bit, and then get sick of it and want to move on to more ideas! And I never would have known you had a salt tooth! Maybe making sweet things is more creative and fun! You got me there.