09 February 2006

Shmoo's Sprouts

I finally decided to try brussels sprouts for the first time. Edit to post: This was made around the end of January, possibly even before that, I am just transerring posts.
Being vegan for so long now, and vegetarian for way longer, I am suprised at myself for have never tried them before.
Thanks to fabulous Shmoo (who's 7) and his awesome mom Jennifer, I have had the opportunity via www.veganlunchbox.com to try these sprouts for the first time. I am not going to base my overall opinion on this first time, because I know I messed up and overcooked them (see below).

The recipe is called Best Brussels Sprouts and they are made with olive oil, salt, veggie stock, sugar, pepper and apple cider vinegar. To me, they are like baby iceberg lettuces (which I hate iceberg, no nutrition, just water), but these were green and looked good. Too bad they were overcooked because I know they would have been better, although the flavor was fine.
I also made veggie soup (see previous blog) but left out the potatoes. I of course loaded it with about 5 different beans, lentils, herbs and veggies.

Next I cut the tips off and trimmed anything necessary.
Trimmed and Cut.
Next I added them to hot oil and browned them with sea salt on top.
Then I added the stock and let them simmer, they should have steamed more.
Now they are turning browner (yellower) than they should. This is overcooking.
But I left the lid on anyway and peeked inside... and I added the rest of the ingredients (I don't have the exact recipe in front of me).
Eew, this is how they came out. They tasted fine (spices were ok) but they were too well done. But... I ate them with soup, actually, I ate the soup and only tried one. We had a guest over, hence the three plates, not two. Note the cumin seeds and poppies: they are just out because I was refilling containers. None of those were in the ingredients of the foods I am showing here. I do want to make lemon poppy muffins, that's why I have the seeds, and as for the cumin, well, I always buy ground, and this is a change of pace.
I think it will be a long time before I try these again.


Julie said...

I just wanted to tell you that I like your blog a lot! Also, I am from AZ too. I live in Tempe. :)


EatPeacePlease said...

Hi Julie. Thanks for the comment, and funny, cause I live in the same place! If you have a direct link or email we can "chat" more.

zoracky! said...

lol, i love the veganlunchbox and have made this sprout recipe too (it was also my first vegan adventures in b.s.'s!).

try them again, but don't overcook this time! they really are good, esp. if you fry them first in some oil...yumm.