13 February 2006

Limes are Back in My Life

Guess what's for dinner?!?!

What do you think is "hiding" under the shreds of carrots ...

da da da...

wanna take a guess?!?

Do you even need to guess?

Yep... I'm sure you all knew it all along...

*drum-roll please...*

*visualize _______ (enter random-happy-time)*


No joke, it was once again a quick simple meal and I want to eat up this black bean dip, as well as the Seduction bread that is quickly becoming hard (clearing throat...). So, what you see here is even more lime in the dip, a slice of Seduction Bread, couscous and shredded carrots. I put lime in the couscous as well as soy sauce, olive oil, ginger, garlic and sea salt.

That's it, and it was mighty-fine.


Anonymous said...

Cool, I just found your Site by surfing on fatfreevegan.
Today I decided to stop eating meat.
So I will check your Site frequently to look for recipes. I will post my results on my

EatPeacePlease said...

Hi Anonymous... Good for you, the animals, and the whole world that you have stopped eating meat. I am happy that I am one of those who has inspired/helped you.

Feel free to write in as much as you'd like, I am also a nutritionist, so I would love to help you out. We can figure out a few things from across the Atlantic!

lexi said...

Thank you EatPeacePlease.
I've never been one of those guys who were eating Meat every day. Maybe once a week. My Girlfriend is also a Vegetarian, so that should make things easier.

I agree that we can figure out a few things across the Atlantic, so thank you for the offer.

BTW I've travelled all over the US a couple of years ago. I also drove through AZ. Been to Flagstaff, Page, Phoenix and of course Gran Canyon, but I've never heard about Valley of the Sun....where is it?

Of course, you can write in my Blog too.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

have been reading your blog for a while now, but this is my first comment. i am a grad student in tucson and it is nice to know there are other veggies in this state! your food looks wonderful... those nut bars... YUM!! thanks for inspiration. i always look forward to reading your posts.

EatPeacePlease said...

Hey Anonymous in Tucson! Yes, there are tons of other veggies in this state and I am waiting to meet a lot too!!! There are decent sized veg communities here in the PHX area, as well as Tucson. I know Tucson has a lot of veg restaurants and it's really nice. I like that Casbah cafe, with the hookahs and tapestries and awesome food, of course!

Thanks for the nice comments about my post. Feel free to leave your name under "other" if you'd like.

Are you at U of A, then?

Harmonia said...