08 February 2006

Lentil Veggie UnWraps

I was going to make this yesterday, but it was late and so much "wasted cooking time" had passed and I went to the store and had Seduction Bread for dinner. Had it with red lentil hummus, mmm... but kind of boring.

Anyway, I had been thinking of these wraps ever since my FABULOUS Vive le Vegan and The Everyday Vegan came into my life (last week). Dreena, my "ice cream buddy", thank you for writing these great books!

Typical situation, I did not have every ingredient, so I had to change it up a bit. I mostly followed the recipe, and did not change it by choice. I will list the ingredients that I used and put an * by the ingredients that were my own and not even mention what should have been in there. Out of respect (ethics and law, too) I will only list ingredients and sorry, I will not give out the exact recipe.
And the reason they are unwraps is because mine always fall apart, all over me, so I may as well think they are wraps and just dig in and use a fork or something. I also made some brown rice (as a side or in the wrap) and I just ate some with my main meal.

"Lentil Veggie Wraps"
red lentils, cooked
whole wheat tortillas (one per person, unless, I guess, you're big or super-hungry)
sesame oil *(mine wasn't toasted)
rice vinegar
sea salt, iodized
ground black pepper
romaine lettuce, super-crispy-stem-parts removed*
long, thin cucumber slices
jalepeno pepper*
and leftover red lentil hummus* (garbanzos, red lentils, spanish paprika, garlic, cumin, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt)
Note: all veggies were raw.
The only thing cooked was lentils, rice and previously garbanzos (for the hummus).

I attempted to make the Orange Miso dressing that is suggested on the page, but I don't keep miso in the house. Knowing that at the store the other day (and knowing I was going to make these) I bought OJ which is an ingredient, but no miso.

Instead, the dressing I made was sort-of following Dreena's. Again, the * means it's my own thing. Here goes:
Organic OJ, calcium added*, no pulp
rice vinegar
agave nectar*
ginger, grated, small
hoisin sauce
super-tiny splash of apple cider vinegar* (felt it was necessary, I'm just weird)
sea salt
ground black pepper
olive and sesame oils
*** I just blended the shit out of all of this and it was awesome!!! No miso, but gingery and orangey.
Overall, the un-wraps were good (at least to me) and I think just edible to Ray. *Edit to post: Ray just read this and is making me say this: He disagrees and said, "it was good. I said it was just ok. It was good." Which one is it? Based on the leftovers, I'd say that it was just ok to him.
And... I plan on posting all my "previous posts" tomorrow.

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