20 February 2006

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Pancakes

Yes, this was super-awesome and I plan on making it again. I really wanted to have lentil soup last night, but after driving to %&$#-ing Anthem and back twice this weekend, I decided quick and easy pancakes would be better. I'm saving up for the lentils tonight. I have been missing my wonderful banana bread since it's been about 2 months now since I have used the oven. Isn't it weird how I love to cook, love to bake, love to take pictures, eat, and talk about food, yet I still won't use my oven! With me being stubborn, I decided to make pancakes (on the stove, duh) that would taste just like banana bread. I love blueberry and chocolate chip banana bread, but I went for the chocolate chip because I made Dreena's wonderful blueberry syrup to go with it again.

I followed the recipe for banana bliss pancakes from Vive le Vegan, but I used bananas and chocolate chips in the recipe. They're barley-sweetened chocolate chips, yum. This actually tasted like banana bread, in a pancakey sort of way, and with the blueberry syrup, this truely was "the best thing ever". That's what Ray always says. I love having breakfast for dinner, especially since I don't like breakfast for breakfast.

And about the fruits... I have a three-tier hangy basket that hangs just above the counter space that I prepare/finish meals at. I decided to just pull the fruits down while the pancakes were cooking and I went overboard and decided to make a cheesy, yet colorful backdrop. I thought it was a lot prettier than the onions, garlic, jalepeno and ginger that hangs on the middle basket.


Julie said...

Oh, now those look good! I love how we both made pancakes this weekend. Btw, it's all about the cheesy backdrop!!

KaiVegan said...

Yum. I would rather have this than what we had for breakfast yesterday, but maybe when we're not rushed!
I just threw in some blueberries, mashed bananas and rice milk to our oatmeal, and off we go!
Hey, can I link your blog to mine?
thanks, kaivegan!

me said...

I love the colors in the background with the fruit and yellow table! Way to go! :)

EatPeacePlease said...

Yes, veggiemom, you can for sure link me! Thanks for the comments. You know, this wouldn't have taken very long, except I made thick pancakes. This would have only taken about 15 minutes or so total. Plus, I make the syrup while the pancakes are cooking.

Hey ME... thanks! The yellow is actually original 1960s countertop! It's our whole kitchen, and I love the brightness and color too!