17 August 2006

Yay to Cooking!

I have done some light cooking lately after going to the store and finally stocking the fridge, freezer and pantry back up. It feels good to have foods in the house again (other than simple fruits as snacks and boring stuff like soy yogurt, couscous and such) yet I am still dizzy and have no idea what the #%^@ is wrong with me. I don't think it is life threatening since I've had certain tests to show, but this still isn't anywhere near normal. I plan on doing more about this. I was getting stir-crazy from being cooped up, not cooking (much), going out to eat, running out of money to go out to eat, as well as not being productive nor having fun in the kitchen. It was time to change that so Ray and I went to the store and thought of some stuff to buy that would turn into semi-quick, semi-easy meals. See, I don't say quick and easy because for me, nothing ends up that way. Some recipe that is supposed to take 30 minutes somehow takes me 2 hours. But I thought of some good feel-good comfort foods to cook up for the week other than yukon gold smashed potatoes and a side of corn. I have had Sloppy Lenties about 5 times this month, but I thought I'd spare you all another photo of them. I did have a Sloppy Variation though... fill up 1/2 a pita with the Sloppy Lenties. Fabulous.

Above you see our "dining area", in which soon you will be seeing a lack of yellow countertops. I am happy to report that we finally bought kitchen chairs and finally took all the crap off the table we had for so long, moved all the crap to appropriate places (well, more appropriate), and are now eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks there. So now you will be seeing more "table" rather than yellow countertops, although I am missing the flare a bit from the counters.
Back to business... for some unknown reason I have been craving corn chowder lately. For some weirder reason, I've never had corn chowder (vegan or non) in my whole life. I had no idea why I was craving this (no I am not pregnant) and I decided to make and eat corn chowder for the very first time. What is an even newer first is my use of Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook. I am quite embarrased about this fact. I've had this book for months now, read it cover to cover probably about 20 times, memorized practically 5 recipes, but never made anything. There are a lot of "oven" recipes, but besides that and before I started to feel crappy, I can't believe I have never used this cookbook before. Maybe I just always thought I did since I've taken it outside under the umbrella and on the couch in the living room to read over and over, have seen other people's photos of the creations, and practically know the book inside and out. But this was a first and another first... Corn Chowder from VwaV.
Corn Chowder Verdict: I started smelling the soup towards the finish and exclaimed to Ray that I didn't think I was going to like it. It smelled a bit bland and I don't care for thick soups. I still went with it, after all, I spent all the time and energy to make the meal. I am also weird about not tasting foods while they are cooking. I know I need to change that since I could have made variations while cooking and tasted it to see if it was ok before it was served on the table. I served the corn chowder with Seduction Bread from WFM and overall, the soup was sweet and tasty. I used 2 jalepenos, and I didn't taste any heat at all, just sweetness from the corn and maple syrup. Just like the recipe says, it's even better the next day. I only had a few modifications in this recipe. First, I didn't have a fresh red bell pepper, as I am not willing to pay the crazy prices I've seen them for. Instead, I picked out all the red peppers from the frozen bag of red, yellow and green pepper strips and used those, just chopped more. I also used organic frozen sweet corn instead of shucking my own. Plus, I am really into having frozen corn on-hand lately. The recipe also called for 3c veggie broth and I used 2c broth and 1c water instead. Other than that, everything else was followed exactly, and yes, I measured.
This was tasty and filled me up big-time. While eating with Ray we discussed and I wrote down what we could do next time to make the soup better. This is what will be changed for the next time I make this: less thyme and rosemary because it was a bit overpowering, more salt and pepper, a tad less liquid to make it thicker (I don't like thick soups, yeah right I guess), cut veggies smaller, use one more potato and one more clove of garlic. It sounds like a lot but it's really just adding and subtracting here and there. I'd even add a third jalepeno if Ray can handle it. Oh, and this is my new snack set. I have a green one and Ray's is an earthy blue. These are great because they make huge coffee mugs with a small treat, a great bowl for soup or whatever, and in this case it was nice to have a set with the bread placed right on the side. I do a lot of snacking but it usually requires only a bowl and a spoon (you know where I'm going with this).
Above is Dreena's Sun-dried tomato pesto for her upcoming cookbook. I've tested this recipe about 20 times now. It's awesome and simple to make (even if you don't feel well) and it is warm and filling with great flavors. I love the almonds and pine nuts. I know many people will be quite pleased by the simplicity yet overwhelming yumness of flavors in this recipe. It is also quick to make, as it takes longer to boil water and cook the noodles than to make the sauce. And I make the sauce while the pot is boiling. Served with the pesto above is organic mixed greens, dressings and homemade green tea with cranberry. I have been making this tea by the gallon tri-weekly and sweeten it with about a teaspoon of agave nectar for the whole gallon. On the side are organic croutons (super-cheap at WFM bakery section) and Ray's parmesean grater. It is so nice eating at the table... Below is something I wasn't sure if I was going to post about. You see, this is just plain ol pasta with marinara. I decided to post this because I think simple, easy, hearty meals like this one are quickly forgotten about. Or they are picked over a lot because it seems to blah. One night we were wanting something simple and quick and I decided to boil up some curly spinach noodles. Then I just heated up a jar of 365 organic fat-free marinara, added a few spices from the rack, and dumped it in the pasta. Since I am no longer an oven/toaster user, I "toasted" garlic bread with nutritional yeast and salt and pepper on the next burner on the stove. It worked out pretty well. And fast.
Below is an organic mixed green salad. I am not going to say organic anymore because 99% (that's my percentage guestimate) of all foods we have in the house are organic. At least fruits, veggies and grains are. On that note, we have all organic: greens, carrots, red onions, whole wheat croutons and honey mustard dressing (yes a tad of honey is ok to me). I love the tanginess from the cider vinegar in this one. We have been eating salads at all dinners and sometimes twice a day, with or as lunch. Instead of buying bulk greens since I have an adversion to the tongs and certain bulk items (took too much microbiology in college and too many nasty hands using the tongs), we bought a 1 pound box of pre-washed greens. Just like those bags, but bigger for $3.99/lb. It lasts us both the whole week, plus greens for other recipes.
This next one here is my second recipe attempt from VwaV. I decided to make corn fritters since I was still on a corn kick. I will also mention that Ray made popcorn last night for our friends Jordan and Bob. This sweet summer corn is just sooo good. Before Bob came over to smoke cigars with Ray (eew, not me) I made corn fritters for the first time in my life. Everything was going well, there were minimal ingredients, I had everything, it seemed easy enough for me, and everything was going well until...
What happened here? I added more than a sufficient amount of oil, had it hot before dropping spoonfuls of batter down. I know it's not non-stick, but I thought if it's not non-stick you just add oil to it and it is non-stick. Anyhow, these were taking a while to cook and I attempted to lift one up and realized that they were badly sticking to the bottom. I was really upset at this point and didn't know if I was going to ruin and waste the whole thing and just eat leftover lenties and corn chowder and salad for lunch, or try to do something about it. I chose to do something about it by switching to a smaller, non-stick pan. I managed to save most of the mixture as it was falling apart and sticking to the pan. This worked out well, but you can see the mess I salvaged. This mess sure did taste and smell wonderful.
This recipe is to be cooked in two batches so luckily I still had half a batch to try to actually make patties with instead of corn fritter mush. Ray said it looked like scrambled eggs and I almost puked. Gross. Not even close to eggs. Anyhow, the second round went much better (don't you agree) and we ate the mess and the patties within a tenth of the time it took to make. And these were made quickly. I am going to make them again next time and add more jalepeno (you can tell Isa isn't from the Southwest. I'm not either, I'm just used to certain heat-flare after 7 years or so). I love how these were sweet from the maple syrup and the sweet corn, as it was a nice treat to have with veggies. These corn fritters are going to be made again soon. In a non-stick pan.
And what would this blog be without treats and sweets?! Of course there is ice cream here (SO Delicious Cookies n Cream, my favorite) in between an Original Newman's O's. There are two here, as how could I just chomp on one?
PS. I really appreciate all the comments, emails and pop-ins from everyone who has expressed their concern for my health and well-being. It makes me feel good to know (well, I already knew) that there are so many good and caring people out there. I am thankful for all the kind and warming words.


Cherie Anderson said...

I like your dining area and the soup pictures! I was wondering where the ice cream was, but alas, it's at the bottom of the page!

Dori said...

Wow you are still on a dizzy spell. I just realized that your last post was about drunken sopilla's... do you think you might have over done it a bit in the drunken? ;)

I made the VwaV corn chowder soup not long ago and the fmaily and I liked it well enough. I think I added a bit more jalepeno to the recipe... we thouht it had the right mild bite to it.

The corn fritters looked good, I'm glad you posted your experience with them... I'll do the non-stick pan when I get around to making them.

Hope you feel 100% soon.

JAM*tacular said...

Welcome back! I suddently have a craving for cor...

:) Mikaela

Harmonia said...

I'm glad you are doing okay. I hope the wellness continues! Yummy pics as usual. Thanks for the Corn Chowder...I just borrowed VWAV today and think I will start with that recipe since your pic looks so great!

Dreena said...

It's encouraging to see a post from you again, Leslie... was getting worried that you weren't feeling very well at all. I hope you get through this dizzy stuff soon and back to your complete, energized, vibrant, wonderful self!

I'm pleased for you that you have a dining set. It makes all the difference in the world to sit and enjoy a meal at your table and really savour your meals. I suspect you will notice this now yourself!

Keep taking care of yourself and don't overdo anything. Thinking of you...
Dreena :)

Sweet Pea said...

Too bad that you're still not feeling well. No doubt that the crazy heat is not helping with your health or the lack of mojo in the kitchen (I'm with you on that one).

Shananigans said...

Good to see you post again! Hope you’re feeling 100% soon. Funny, the very first recipe I ever tried out of VwaV was the corn chowder too. I love it. Sometimes I like to use sweet potatoes in place of the yukons and I definitely kick it up a notch with extra jalapeno and cayenne.

Looks like you have the same dining chairs I have, mine are red, green and yellow. I meant to get seat cushions for them but never got around to it. Looks like a nice set-up you’ve got there.

I love the mug/bowl with saucer. I’d love to get something like that for snacks and soups. Bowl, spoon? As in a spoon bowl? Wait, maybe I’m not on the same page here. Anyway, that usually leads to snacking for me. Feel good hon.

Anonymous said...

Love the bowl/plate combo and I'm a huge fan of corn too! I'll have to dig up a great recipe I have for corn fritters from a Thai cookbook... I'm sure they can be veganized. And yes, definitely non-stick for the fragile stuff!

Hope you feel better soon. Have you maybe tried an acupuncturist? I can't have my personal Ice Cream Advisor not feeling well!

raising_kahne said...

Everything looks so yummy! Corn is without a doubt my favorite vegetable! Ive seen many post about the corn chowder, but I usually hate creamy soups. However, the fritters look delish! And your new dining set...how cute are they?! I really love huge/oversized cups and things! I sure do hope you get to feeling like yourself again. I hate being sick, and hate going to the doctor even more...

laura jesser said...

Yum... I'll have to make the corn chowder soon.

I absolutely love the dining set--I'm looking around for a new set myself and I think yours is lovely!

Glad to see you back!

Kate said...

I just read a lot of your blog. I love how you write so much about your topics. SD cookies and cream is my favorite too, its in ,my freezer right now. All the food looks so good here, i want to eat it off the screen.

vegancookiemonster said...

You've probably posted about this previously, but why don't you use ovens/toasters?

Anonymous said...

Oh Leslie, what a bummer you're still feeling dizzy. I hope you are able to figure out what's causing your dizziness soon girl! It's such an uncomfortable sensation.

Great post. Lovin all the yummy food. I'm totally embarasseed to admit I don't have VWAV. Maybe it's finally time to pick it up. The corn chowder looks delicious.

Where'd you find such a great mug/saucer set? It's so perfect for so many treats/dishes.

I really like the fact that you picked red chairs. They look great! Sitting at the table is always a nice and relaxing time for me. Hope you're enjoying it also. Maybe Killian will join you (like Bailey) one of these days.

Take care friend!

Melody said...

I'm sorry you're still feeling dizzy... it can make life so hard. Hang in there...

I love your dining set and I'm inspired to make the corn chowder.

EatPeacePlease said...

Cherie, never wonder where the ice cream is. It's always in the freezer and in my belly before the end of the night. Or at the bottom of my blog.

Dori, I don't think it was the "drunken". I haven't drank in a year. I had a feeling you've had this recipe before. Like you, I will add more jalepeno. Thanks for the comments.

Jamtacular (Mikaela), thanks for the shout-out. Go eat some corn now.

Harmonia, the corn chowder is a good one to start with. And the corn fritters. I am thinking about a few other recipes, but I'm still not up to more than just reading them.

Dreena, I will email you back soon, I promise. Thanks for your kind words and thoughts as usual! The table and chairs makes a huge difference considering I've been waiting for this for about 3 years now. Sitting at the coffee table really sucked and this has been life-changing. It's nice to sit and talk with Ray instead of having him glued to the tv and me with my face in a cookbook (yes, while eating). Thanks again Dreena.

SweetPea, thanks for your kind thoughts. It's actually not really that hot here (for here), it's been humid which has taken a toll on me (and my hair). We are used to dry heat and I tell you: I'd rather have it be 112 and dry than 98 and humid. Yuck.

Shananigans, thanks for your sweet thoughts. That's funny we both tried the same recipe first too. It seems as if there are going to be more people having corn chowder as their first VwaV recipe. About the chairs, your's are RASTA?!? Ours are just plain red and I one day will paint them an even brighter red. We have bright yellow counter tops and a wooden table and there was no way I was about to try to match the woods or have unmatching ones either. Red is more "me" anyway. Ray picked out the cushions before we even left the store... I would be sitting on the hardness, but no, not him. And the answer to your question about the bowl + spoon = ICE CREAM.

Pure Zuke, I'd love to have a spicier recipe for the corn fritters, thanks. I have an acupuncturist but haven't been all summer. I think it's just what I need. Thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes. Sincerely, Your Personal Ice Cream Advisor

Savanna, corn is a great veggie and it's terrible that it isn't used more plain and instead is turned into crappy corn syrup and other unhealthy corn products. I even forget about it during certain times of the year and forget how nice it is (and fun) to eat. This is a nice time of year for some corn (and in the next few months). Thanks for all your kind comments. I hate going to the doctor even more than feeling bad too.

Laura Jesser, yes you will have to make some corn chowder soon. It's good stuff. Thanks for your comments.

Kate, yes! Another cookies n cream fan. Thanks for your visit and comments and I hope to see you back soon (that is, if I am back blogging soon).

Vegan Cookie Monster, go to this link:
http://eatpeaceplease.blogspot.com/2006_02_01_eatpeaceplease_archive.html and scroll way down to "Coffee Cake" post and you'll see it there.

Vivacious Vegan, thanks for your sweet and kind comments as usual. I really appreciate it. Yes, you will have to pick up VwaV, or at least rent it from somewhere. I found the snack set at... da da da... IKEA. Yep. And yes, Killian has been joining us at the table. He is currently sleeping on one of the chairs. His fat and tail are hanging off. Take care to you too "friend".

Melody, yes, being dizzy is hard. Thanks for thinking of me and wishing me well. Like I told everyone else, go make some corn chowder with sweet summer corn.

Vicki said...

really great to see you post, leslie. & i'm hoping you'll feel back to yourself soon and the nasy dizzyness disappears. as always, your food looks delicious & i've been wanting to try dreena's sun-dried pesto for quite a while -- and you've convinced me! take care & pet killian for me! :o)

Carrie™ said...

Leslie! I'm happy to see you back posting. It's good to hear you're feeling better, but a little unsettling that you're still dizzy and they can't find what's wrong. That must be extremely frustrating. I've been called dizzy a time or two, but in a different context. HA!
I never used to like corn chowder (or any chowder) because I don't like hot milk-type things. Cream of anything soup=ick. Especially cream of mushroom. Gag! After I saw your picture and read your post, I went and looked up the recipe in my book. (that's the second time I've done that today) and it's only 1/4 cup of milk. I would maybe even leave that out. Hmmmm.....maybe I'll try it. I do like corn a lot.
Your simple pasta meal looks like at least one of my weekday lunches. Nothing wrong with that. It's tasty and easy and fast to make.
I'm loving the cookies and ice cream. Nice way to end.
Get better OK? I was really missing you.

Julie said...

YAY! Leslie. I am sooo glad you are posting again! I miss your posts. Your kitchen area is super cute and I love the simple meals that you and Ray thought of making.

Sorry to hear about you still feeling dizzy. :(

Let me know when you are feeling well, so we can get together!

krispycheks said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're feeling up to posting!

Everything looks so good! It's funny, the two things you made from VwaV are two of the few that I haven't. I'm interested in trying the fritters now. Ooh, and I love corn chowder. I use frozen sweet corn usually too. Too lazy to use fresh.

Anyway, I'm up past my bedtime. I'm glad you're back. Oh, and nice IKEA chairs. Jim and I have the same ones, but 2 are red and 2 are black, lol.

funwithyourfood said...

YAY to you coming back!

I'm sorry you're still not feeling well. Cooking is my creative outlet so I always feel better when i'm in the kitchen. I hope it'll help you too!

all the food looks scrummy. and i want to know how you could only eat TWO of those newman o's?! I would have ate 100 haha


Urban Vegan said...

I am so STUFFED after reading this post. *SIGH OF UTTER CONTENTMENT*

I used to have dizzy spells when I was your age--for me, it turned out to be very low blood pressure. Take care of yourself...

theONLYtania said...

Hey.. the corn chowder looks great.. I might have to make it soon. So does the bread! And I for one am glad you decided to post the pasta.. I like meals like that.

Oh yeah and.. he Newman O sandwich is ridiculous.. in a good way.

Feel better soon!

cherios said...

That corn chowder looks awesome. I've been dreaming of soups and stews lately...it's almost fall! (That means much more in Canada than I'm guessing it does in your neck of the woods).

A couple of years ago I was getting terrible dizzy spells, where I'd wake up in the middle of the night clinging to the side of the bed because the world was revolving around me. It ended up being an inner ear infection.

Take care of yourself!

Shawn said...

Hi Leslie!

Your food still looks lovely. (I've been away for quite some time...)

I must admit, I miss the yellow counter, but we have been trying to eat around our dining room table lately too. It feels more grown up or something. ;o)

Anyway, great to read your blog again,

Harmonia said...

As always...thanks for the suggestions! You're in my thoughts!

Mary said...

I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well!!! I hope no has said it's because you are vegan. I'm glad that you still feel the desire to cook even when you're feeling out of it.

On a non-vegan note, my sister and me plus our roommates went up to the Salt River to go tubing. Have you been there? Dear lord I have never seen so many drunken college students in my life!


EatPeacePlease said...

Vicki, thanks for your sweet note (blogger and email). I really think you should try Dreena's pesto if you are testing it. It's wonderful, really!

Carrie, being dizzy isn't fun. It's like an un-fun mixture of being stoned, drunk, and trying to be normal all at once, while spinning. Yuck. I don't like cream of anything either. This wasn't a creamy soup. Let me tell you: this soup was creamy only because of the blended 1/2 batch. You can choose not to blend it up, although it was nice and smooth. I think the 1/4c milk was only to lighten it, as it was creamy already and all I did was add a bit of milk and there was no change besides a hint of lighter yellow. I couldn't tell there was milk while eating it. I'm trying to get better, thanks!

Julie, thanks for commenting. Gosh, this has turned into a joke now about us meeting (or not-meeting). How was your first day of class? Talk to you soon.

Kris, yay to you too! I just had the fritters again last night and added more jalepeno. That is funny how we have tried the opposite recipes, but then again, I am choosing from all oven-less recipes. I am too lazy (and cheap) to use fresh corn too unless I'm eating it right off the cob.

Teddy, cooking can be a creative outlet for me. I see by your blog and enthusiasm that it is for you too. Oh, and I probably had 3 newmans O's. There were only 2 stacked in the photo. I've been really bad with the cookies lately. Thanks for visiting as always.

Urban Vegan, thanks for your comment and suggestion. I have always had low blood pressure, to the point where it isn't too low, but it's low. I tend to go by the children's chart if I am "following the doctor" because I am barely 5 feet tall and barely 100 lbs so there's not much room for much blood. I had my blood pressure checked a few months ago, then a few times recently and it has been the same. My mom has always had low blood pressure even during her most stressful times of life. I woke up one day dizzy after no other changes.

The Only Tania, you should make the corn chowder soon. It's good and pretty easy. Yes, the ice cream sandwich was ridiculous, in a good way. Wait till I get my hands on some chocolate chip cookies. That sandwich will be super-ridiculous. Thanks for commenting!

Cheryl, I think the only reason I've been thinking about soups and stews is because it's a comfort food for me right now. I can only have ice cream so many times in one day! It is still summer here and will be until the end of October or so. Then we have beautiful weather until June or so. I prefer the heat and dryness. About the inner ear infection, other's have recommended that. I had my ears checked and they were "clear" but I don't know how deep they looked into it.

Shawn, I am so happy to see you here. Wow, you must have been gone a while, as I checked your blog last months ago and I saw you weren't blogging. Now it's pretty much my turn for that. I miss the yellow counter too. Don't worry, it will have a few sit-ins. Great to see you around again.

Harmonia, thanks too!

Mary, no one has said because I am vegan that's why I'm sick, although Ray's dad sarcastically and niavely suggested that a hamburger may help me. Ray got pissed off and told me a few days after the fact. That would only hurt me. Most people these days seem to be catching on that a vegan diet is not a lack of nutritients and foods, rather the opposite. As for the Salt River Tubing, I've done it a few times. It was fun but crazy with drunkenness, yes. I refuse to go anymore now that I have had a few microbiology classes and labs. I went one time after learning about microorganisms and germs, etc and didn't even get my toes wet. I had Ray pull me through the tough spots. Now days, I just won't go at all, too nasty for me and the people are too crazy and they litter which makes me so mad! Ray and I were the "clean up/recycling crew" last time we were there. We literally saw a kid toss a whole empty Pringles can right into the river as if it was his own personal garbage can. We picked it up of course. Good thing you didn't go in May when the river opens for tubing, it's crazy then. Thanks for your visit and wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your blog! About your dizzyness- you may want to see an Audiologist. I'm studying to be one and we specialize in hearing and balance disorders. Just make sure the one you go to is equipped to do balance testing. If you could find some kind of balance center that would be the best. Let me know if you need some info, my email is gilsons@u.washington.edu


Cindy said...

I am sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. Have you had your iron level checked. This could definitely cause lightheadedness. Of course, I'm sure that was one of the first things your doctor checked for. I hope you find out what is going on soon. It is always scary having a symptom without knowing the cause. I am glad that you felt well enough to go to the store.
The corn chowder looks great, but I really like the corn fritters. Those look really delicious. They would be great for breakfast. I am trying not to look the ice cream and cookies, because I have had a weakness for sweets the past couple of days and need to chill on the junk food a little.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Leslie I hope you're feeling better! This has got to be one of my favorite photo posts by you, regardless of the exciting fritter mishap! The cookies blow my freaking mind.

Johanna3 said...

Too bad that you're still not feeling well, i wish you to feel better soon, plese let us know what the test says.

KleoPatra said...

Leslie, i was not aware that you have not been feeling well. I send warm thoughts your way for a swift turnaround to whatever is going on in your body. I am sad to know you have not been well.

I have been away on vacation this past week but had been checking back here for a post from you for some time before and i am relieved to see that you have a post here from last week, tho now i am concerned since you have not posted since.

I know that you are busy and that blogging is not the only thing you do!! But please do post again when you are able, and let us know how things are.


Thinking good thoughts for you...

And i love the food photos and post dealing with the foodstuffs as well as your lovely dining area...

Miriam said...

You know, for the longest time I kept coming back here and seeing all the ice cream and treats posts and I wanted to write and tell you that you MUST update because Todd and I splurged on icecream (fruit sweetened) twice in the last month, and I really think you are to blame. Then I got excited because, finally, a really long wonderful post with all kinds of wonderful food! But then of course you had to end it with a treat. ;) It's always so lovely to read your long take on food.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say I'm sorry you're still feeling dizzy and don't know what's happening with you. Sometimes I get brief dizzy spells but I think I can almost always blame it on a combination of high heat plus low water plus no sodium. I think you're used to the heat by now though. Hoping you feel much better very soon.

maybepigscanfly said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're still suffering from the bizarre diziness. But I'm glad that you're posting again- I was really missing reading your blog. It's been a huge inspiration (let's just say sloppy lentils are now a stapel).

You're kitchen chairs and table are so cute. I just moved into my first apartment a few days ago and definitely appreciate and notice simple things like furniture that I always took for granted before.

Lately I've been eating buttloads of corn on the cob and have wanted to try corn chowder (I've never had it either). I have lots of produce and farmers markets near my apt., and the sf public lib. is a block away so I'll be getting corn and vwav really soon.

Feel better and I hope Ray is taking good care of you.


EatPeacePlease said...

Shae, thanks for the advice. I do think I need some sort of balance specialist.

Cindy, yes my iron levels were checked and while I thought I would be low (I bruise and get sleepy sometimes easily), it turned out I am on the normal side of iron and in a good range (and my hemoglobin too) and the rest of my nutrient results were actually all on the high side.

Jess, glad to see you visiting and back on your blog (even though it's messed up). The fritters are great and sweet and we've had them twice now. I used whole wheat flour and 2 jalepenos not one.

Johanna, I will let you know. Thank you for your thoughts as always. How is your daughter?

Kleo, thanks for your comments. I've been dizzy for over a month now. Weird. I appreciate your concerns and wishes, thanks.

Miriam, you can blame me for the ice cream that's fine. I even took on the role of a personal ice cream advisor for someone! hee hee. Thanks for your visit and wishes and for eating ice cream twice this month!

Johanna3 said...

my girl is ok, we are in the process of discovering her food alergies, the first one: soy , not so good this one as almost anything have soy.

Jody from VegChic said...

Just wanted to officially say Hi Leslie! I had stopped in quite awhile ago and was very happy to see you posting again.

---Got so busy with work, that I never stopped back to comment.

The chowder looks great and I love the snack sets. Your dining room looks super cool. I'm actually re-organizing right now. The past year, I've had a dining room set, but no sofa. Last week, I splurged and ordered a sofa bed. Soon my house will be semi-normal!

Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. I'm hoping that you are able to work through that soon.

EatPeacePlease said...

Johanna, soy is not a good alergy to have but it is good you had the test to find out. I had been thinking about you (and your daughter) for a while now. How are you doing with the foods and your family's acceptance to your food choices? Again, thanks for visiting and I always enjoy your comments.

Jody, you must be busy. Even buying furniture is super-time-consuming and "work". Except the opposite of earning the money. Maybe you could post a "before and after" on your blog. Or, just keep it to food. Thanks for popping in and saying hi.

Anonymous said...

The nearest Ikea is in Atlanta which is about 300 miles away. I just tried to see if I could purchase the set online but nope, not available online. :( I sometimes really miss SoCal because everything was very convenient. Every store (minus boutiques of course) you could think of was within a 20 minute drive.

Catherine said...

Leslie, I saw those bowl-plate sets at IKEA last night, and I ALMOST bought two (must have one for guests, right?) I'm so jealous that you have them!

Glad to see you back posting, although sorry to hear you are still dizzy! Do "they" still think it's vertigo, or something else?

Johanna3 said...

well my family is totally opose to me, i am the vegetarian/vegan freak to them. the one that will like to live near a place she can find organic produce. here is very difficult to get organic products so when i find one i get so happy the look me like here the freak come again.well i tell them this is what i am now so please stop sneaking meat in my daughter plate and stop telling her that meat is good and other stupid things. well so far no progress , so i stop visiting them, well almost i stll go the important holidays days, but i go with lots of my own food(they now add pork to almost anything, strange ?) i know the want to make us eat it in any form. so like you see, this is a big problrm here, but i dont care more, at this point i just think in the better for my girl and me. i hope you feel better. did the doctir check if you have a ear problem that cause that?

tamara said...

leslie, are you still feeling dizzy? you're in my thoughts... i hope you figure out what's going on soon, it must be incredibly annoying!